‘To begin, at the beginning’

enigmatic‘ (adj.)

Difficult to interpret or understand; mysterious:

“He closed his eyes and sipped his wine with an enigmatic smile.”

Origin – Early 17th century: from French énigmatique or late Latin aenigmaticus, based on Greek ainigma riddle (see enigma).


‘epicurist’ (n.)

A person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment (especially good food and drink).

Synonyms: bon-vivant, culi, fijnproever, gastronoom, genotzoeker, gourmand, gourmet, hedonist, kenner, lekkerbek, levensgenieter, levenskunstenaar, luchthart-treurniet, lucullus, pallieter, smulpaap, sybariet, vrijbuiter, zonneklopper.




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