‘The Enigmatic Epicurist’ is the result of many years fretting and fraying over an idea that has always been close to my heart.

I am a simple being, whose thoughts, feelings and actions are defined almost entirely by sensory experience. So, I’ve finally decided to follow my nose and that journey has led me here. This is an experiment, and by that I mean that it is as yet unclear to me, as it is to you, where we’ll end up.

‘The Enigmatic Epicurist’ will, I hope, add a little disruption and colour to the maelstrom of most blogging – here you’ll find no real plan and absolutely no agenda. Rather indulgently, I think I’ll write what takes my fancy, and I’ll see where it takes me.

After all, half the fun of the enigmatic is the mystery ‘it’ shrouds itself in.

So if you are interested in oddities, if you’re passions lie off the beaten track, You’re already more of an epicurist than you might think. I hope you enjoy my efforts to pull back the curtain and publicise the unexpected, delicious underbelly of life’s smorgasbord.



‘The Enigmatic Epicurist’ is a digital journal of miscellany that belongs, in its entirety, to Nicholas Constantine. Any posts published that are not written by that hand will be accredited accordingly, and publicised as befits their merit.